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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Selami Mesir 2 (with pictures)

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*Sesungguhnya Allah dekat dengan orang-orang yang baik*

Just to share few wonderful moments in egypt
What we can have here but not in malaysia
Not that im saying Malaysia is not good or equivalent
Just that egypt have some more qualities than Malaysia
Malaysia also have its own qualities compared to Egypt

Alright straight to the main point

Last 2 day i decided to iktikaf in Gami' Sidi Bish which is situated at Sidi Bish of course
Ive been trying to search or do something that ive never done before
something that will make my life different and not typical
Alhamdulillah i finally found something usefull that i can do in Ramadhan

Straight to the point,
I will use some pictures to describe the situation

For all this month, ive always wanted to iftar with egyptian and Alhamdulillah before ramadhan ends
I manage to Iftar with them during my period of iktikaf in gami' Sidi bish

first view in the mosque


Although we've just met but they treated us like some VIP's
Maybe its because we are foreigner but first and foremost it is because we are brothers
Thats what connect us through the world
It doesnt matter what colour your skin are, what language you used, where you came from

eating with the egyptian

As long as you dont condemn and be nice to others
everybody will respect and try to get close with you
And this is what Islam teach us

The next program was Tazkirah
Usually at this kind of period i will be laying down on my bed
waiting my stomach to digest the food
But this time im using my time wisely!

the sheikh who i dont know his name XD

I sit there, kept silent and hear the sheikh giving his speeches
Although he talk in Full Arabic Fushah and im not really good at it (for now)
But that doesnt mean that i need to sleep because i dont understand
No! I kept awake because i believe that with all the commitment
One day, i will be like my other egyptian friend around
Talking, Discussing and teasing using the Lughatan Jannah (languange of paradise)
As long as i try to learn the language, make Doa for the path to be clearer and Tawakalallah because He's the almighty and Only He who gives Ilm' to the one He wants.
The topic was about UKHWAh and the main 3 keypoint that i manage to catch is
Ukhwah consist 3 main bases which is Taaruf, Taffahum, and Takaful
I wont elaborate more because its too many! :D

When the azan was recite, we all stopped and procede to our isya' prayers.

between the gap of tarawih, there are these children who moves around and serve cold water to whoever thirst. Nice. (holding the cup is ustaz hisyam)

After isya' we're having Tarawih.
After tarawih , there are gaps before we continue with our Qiamullail
Within that period of hour, there are alot of egyptian who come to us and introduce themself and we also introduce ours

Ismi Mohd Qarafi, Qarafi, Qarafi
I dont know why each time i pronounce my name i need to repeat it more than once
and i need to pronounce the Qo very deeply so that they will understand it is Qo not kaf haha

But whats surprise me is, they are not shy to Taaruf with us although we are total stranger to them
I think they are among the people that are among the lucky ones because they've practised what ISlam told us and what we've learn before which is
Taaruf, Tafahum and Takaful
and i think it maybe induce by their own gifted personality which bravery
Thats why there are no problem for them to quarrel in the middle of the highway! hehe

I dont know why, but i think we're just like celebrities because they kept on coming not to take autograph, but to make friends and it really a beautiful moment in life
Its difficult to find things like this and we should be grateful for everything that we had and realize that in Islam, many things we havent discover yet especially its sweetness.

as we taaruf each other,
near to the mimbar, the Imam stands after the tarawih
take the microphone and say something
suddenly the crowd become noisy because everybody was busy compete with each other
Then i realize they were helding Quizzes!
of course its about islam and the winner gets his prize

the MC was my friend too :)

I found out this kind of activity quite interesting and it makes the Masjid lively
Although masjid is known for place for prayers, reading Quran, doing zikr and all that matters
But Masjid also is a place where normal Human activity can be held
If you have meetings, activities, or anything that proper can be held there
If before this we recognise mosque as a dull and slumpy area,
Change that consept and get move on!
If the mosque becomes dull, slumpy, or what so ever
it is because we who doesnt want to change and we who represent the mosque it self
So lets move on and make the mosque live people!
And the Quizzes might be helpful thou.

this is what we eat in isya'
( ish baladi bil gibnah, jem wa ful)
(roti baladi, chess, jem, dengan bean)

i havent sleep since isya'
so its time for me to move on
to the world of ..........
will be continue....

(specially for my family because im not going home this aildilfitri. hehe)

5 00:

Cek cek cek pi pi pi pi!! WOW!! O.M.G!! SUPERB!!! BESTNYE!!!


cekpi...aku baru terbaca ayat dalam gambar ni, (7:56)

thanks for sharing ya budak! :)

ni makan time sahur la. bukan isya'... :P

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